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QURE NANO CBD's mission is to continually update and improve formulations to keep pace with the current research and clinical findings on phytocannabinoids and their ability to treat both common and rare illnesses. Most CBD companies generate the same products without ever changing the formulations. We believe this strategy is not serving the patient's best interest, because new research on cannabinoids as a natural alternative to treat illnesses is evolving daily. Research is being conducted from around the world at an increasing rate.

QURE NANO CBD fulfills our obligation to keep pace with this new research by improving our formulations to provide our customers with the same healing benefits that researchers worldwide have demonstrated in reputable universities and clinical trials. We have a staff of scientists whose sole purpose is to evaluate current research and convey this information to our formulation experts.

Our products contain the highest purity cannabinoids that are extracted using high pressure carbon dioxide and nano-emuslsification techniques. Our Nano Scale Delivery System ensures that the water-soluble broad-spectrum distillates have the highest bioavailability possible when applied topically, orally, or ingested.

Evidence-based company

QURE NANO CBD strives to create the purest and most effective CBD products on the market period. Our founders are a group of healthcare professionals and scientists who take evidence-based medicine quite seriously. Our medical advisory board is tasked with evaluating new scientific evidence which gives us the ability to create new formulations and unique delivery systems.


QURE NANO CBD was founded upon the idea that we can make a profound difference in people's lives everyday. With this belief in mind, our team of scientists and medical professionals are constantly striving to create high quality and effective products backed by science. The following values echo the philosophy of how we make peoples lives better.

- Education
- Awareness
- Integrity
- Transparency
- Quality backed by science